Monday, June 6, 2016

Looketh Here

When thou seest it come to pass that election season hath arrived, be thou not dismayed for the chaos thou findest, for such seasons alway alarmeth. It hath ever been so. Thou, when thou enterest into the political season, steel thyself against falsehood and wrath. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay.

And when thou goest to a political rally, hit not thy opponent’s followers up beside the head, for in doing so, thou hurtest thyself and thy cause instead. Rather behave thyself with utmost decorum, thereby bringing honor to thy candidate and not shame. By their fruits you shall know them. By all means, burneth not a flag at such rallies. By all means, wave not a flag of another land at such rallies. By all means, walk not on police cars, nor burn anything, nor throw rocks, nor swear, nor gesture obscenely. Such works are vanity.

And when thou listeneth to those myriad voices electronically conveying their inmost thoughts concerning the ambitious who would aspire to lofty position, temper thy thoughts with wisdom. All words are not fact and truth, but tinged with mere opinion. Findest thou not just those agreeable heads which talketh and columnists which writeth, but list and read those in disagreement as well, for in the counsel of many cometh wisdom. Broaden thy mind and ponder the other person’s point of view. Pray for those who despitefully use you and who say all manner of evil against thy candidate.

And let not the bitter conflict between candidates unduly hamper thy life. Look to thy own affairs and arm thyself with truth as thou hast sought it out. There is great merit in forbearance.

Perhaps thou art one of those who hath been in the ruling bodies of the land for many years and one cometh who hath not been in the traditional role of those in the ruling bodies. Perhaps this one cometh and bloweth the minds of those long ruling by brashness and lack of decorous acumen politically. If that come to pass, then, old established ruling bodies must ponder their lives, looking deep within their legacies. Hast thy way been the best way for those thou ruleth? Hast thou gotten fat off the land thou didst not plant? Hast thou reaped where thou didst not sow? Consider thy own service and then thou mayest convey displeasure to that one who cometh out of another realm, aspiring to reform thy lack of zeal.

Perhaps thou are one who wisheth to break the mold of male leadership, thus offering thy own self as leader as a woman. Imitate not male rhetoric. Rather, the strength of a woman’s words delivered womanly have a power called authenticity. Imitate not. Authentically pursue thy goal.
Perhaps thou burneth to reform the money system of an entire wealthy country by equalizing wealth, considering not the earning of it. Perhaps thou gestureth as if thou directeth an orchestra with zeal and amazing aplomb. Perhaps thou art old and yet wisheth to appear vigorous. Getteth thou not thy hopes too high. I, even I who writeth am older than thou

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