Tuesday, April 12, 2016

That Leaves...

I have been asking myself some questions during this political cycle in our land. And, I have been trying to answer them.
Can a person with a Christian worldview be self-righteous? No, as redeemed people who rely on the righteousness of Christ, we know that we have no righteousness of our own. I heard a famous columnist and commentator respond to a question on a talk show. The interviewer asked her what if she was wrong about an issue. “Aren’t you a Christian? What will you say to your creator on judgment day if you are wrong?” Without flinching, she said, “I will say, I’m sorry, Lord, I had prayed and I thought I was right. Now I just have to depend on you and your righteousness to vindicate me.” I thought that was a great answer. She was not prideful, but confident in the substitutionary work of Jesus.
Can a person with a Christian worldview feel entitled to anything? No, Christians know only about unmerited favor. We deserve nothing but receive everything through grace. I knew a man who felt very entitled to a promotion. When he did not get it, he moved to another job and ultimately received a position similar to the one he had felt entitled to. He hated the job and figured out that it had been a good thing to be passed over. Feelings of entitlement often lead to vanity or disappointment. We have seen that in our own political arena, have we not?
Can a person with a Christian worldview be manipulative? No, we are not in charge, knowing that all things work together for the good of those who have received this worldview through faith in the Lord. The one entity in our culture that should not be manipulated is the media. However, that entity is the one most easily manipulated by candidates and lawmakers alike. Professional commentators can seem so savvy but actually be so dense sometimes, right?
Can a person with a Christian worldview be smug? By “smug” I mean so self-satisfied that no advisers are needed. Since we have no wisdom of our own, Christians need various forms of counsel—scriptures and Godly advice. I would think a president should surround him/herself with the greatest minds of the time.
Can a person with a Christian worldview be an egotist? By “egotist” I mean a person who demonstrates an inflated sense of his own importance or ability. No, it is as if ego dies when a person becomes a Christian. The old man is dead and the Christian becomes a new creature, exhibiting “fruits” of that newness (gentleness, kindness, love, joy, peace, etc.)
My final question is this: how is the Christian worldview being manifested in the political race we are witnessing this year? The establishment wants to remain established. The voters want change. Revolutionary voters would be wise to avoid those who are self-righteous, those who feel entitled, those who are manipulative, those who are smug and those who are egotistical. Let’s see. That leaves…

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