Thursday, March 14, 2013

Radio Parody

There is a time for everything under the sun. My friend Ken and I were in demand as a comedy team from about the ninth grade all the way through high school. We performed our shows at church gatherings, teen dances, high school assemblies and house parties. We just dressed up funny with a variety of hats and did parodies. One of these was of Western radio plots, which were popular in the 1950’s. I played the narrator and Tex and Ken played his sidekick, Duke and any other characters that spoke. One of our routines, as I recall, went like this:

Narrator: We take you now to the windy plains of Texas, where we find Tex on his horse Prince and Duke on his donkey hombre. They are high on a ridge, overlooking the wide expanse of austere desert below them. There appears to be a stagecoach high-jacking by some bad guys in progress.

Tex: Looks like a raid, Duke.

Duke: Sure does, Tex.

Tex: That fellow that crawled over to the rock after the bandits saw us coming and left. Looks like he’s hurt.

Duke: Sure does, Tex.

Narrator: Tex and Duke ride rapidly over to the dying man beside the rock. (Horse and donkey sound effects).

Tex: Say, old timer, are you hurt?

Old Timer: (Ken’s voice) Boys, I think I’m cashing in my chips. That’s my daughter over there by the stage coming this way. Honey, honey?

Girl: (Ken’s voice) Oh, Father, where did you hide the will?

Old Timer: (Ken’s voice) It’s in the…it’s in the… heahheah. (The old timer dies).

Tex: Ma’am, sounds like he said he hid the will in the heahheah.

Duke: Sure does, Tex, and ma’am.

Tex: Let’s ride over to the heahheah and see can we find the will Duke.

Narrator: Lifting the girl to a position behind him on Prince, the threesome ride across the plain to the heahheah.

Tex: Well, Duke, and ma’am, here we are at the heahheah.

Duke: And there’s the will right under it.

Girl: (Ken’s voice) Oh, Tex, I’m reading the will and right here it says Father left me the ranch and all the vast sums of money. Must you go?

Tex: Yes ma’am, we got to be moseying on.

Duke: Sure do, ma’am.

Narrator: So our knights of the Texas plains ride westward, as the sun sets and the girl waves wistfully. Tune in next week for the adventures of Tex and Duke as they, well, as they pass up more good deals and doggedly avoid good fortune. Our program is brought to you by Percy’s prescription for peculiar people.

After Ken and I got out of the military and went to college, we tried to reprise our act at student gatherings, but it had lost its luster. I think our sense of humor had matured. There is a time for everything under the sun, just as scripture teaches.

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